Thursday, 22 October 2009

Totty On: Galliano Watch Launch & Chinawhite!

It's been a manic start to the week.  First I jetted to Paris for less than 24hrs to attend John Galliano's Watch Line. The Parisian creme de la creme were out in force. Strangley it was a very low-key affair. There wasn't many Paps around and everyone seemed to opt for a demure, relaxed evening-trouser combo.  Not the normal glitz, theatrics and creativity.  Navy blues, black and greys were the colours of choice. Canapes were simple and typical french (well what did I expect) and drinks were kept to a modest chanmpagne, red or white wine....recession?

Who's who? Only people I could make out were Carine Roitfeld, Virginie Ledoyen, The super hot Thomas Sisley, Jalli Lespert, The money man Syndey Toledano and Federique Bel....slightly dull for a Galliano party - explanation? Milano fashion week!!

Honestly I wasn't that impressed by the watch collection, I just don't believe designers other than The Karl Largefeld for Chanel should make them.  Leave watch making to The Rolex, Audemars Piguet etc. They are the real craftsmen.
Rant over - I shifted my focus to Carine Roitfeld! She's I mean really fierce, bordeline scary! Determined to get a job a French Vogue; I spent the best part of 15mins engaging in convo about...well myself of course! Wouldn't you? Who else is going to sell you?

Midway through, she placed her hand on my waist (rather agressively I might add) and said she had to dash and would be in contact.....errrr how did she intend of doing that? I hadn't even handed her my card yet...and to add insult to injury she only managed to "dash" to the other side of the boutique.

I quickly made my exit!

Tuesday night saw the VVIP launch of the newly re-located Chinawhite.  By VVIP I mean the money people - yes there were no celebrities or X factors contestants - just Hedgies, Arab royalty, Oligarchs', Eurotrash heirs and socialites - and a good night it was.  Dom P was flowing all night, Sushi Canapes and Eric Morillo rocked the decks. It felt like home again - China I've missed you! Welcome back!

I'm not even going to bore you with last nights antics....besides turning up to the Durex Condom's 80th party to find out Callum Best and Michelle Heaton are hosting - shock horror!

Hannah and I headed over to Merah Club (billed to be a big celefest), only to have to wait an hour outside despite having a table!

Roll on tonight......


  1. Ooo lady, looks like fun.
    Tres jealous of your antics, I'm stuck at home, ill! !
    Was hoping to head to LDN tomorrow night too for an exclusive party & was going to invite you along, boo =[ no chance now.

    hope you're well,
    lots of love,
    M x

  2. Dude, why go to a condom party? you should know better!!!

    Loved this post

    Mm x

  3. ^ ^ ^ haha, that brightened my day!
    Unfortunately I missed the London trip as I've been ill - total boo.
    But I shall hopefully be visiting fairly soon, and most definitely in the new year A LOT A LOT - so i shall keep in touch so that we may indeed go out!

    M x