Sunday, 8 November 2009

Totty On: Suicidal!

Yes I am aLIVE!!! Much to my distress!

After several botched attempts over several months, I failed to bag a ticket to MTVs EMAs. Can you belive I have 3 friends who work for MTV London and not one could or would wave their 'magical wand' and make it happen??!?

Entry to Paparazzi Press Pen on the red carpet? NO LUCK!
I tried to buy a ticket....NO LUCK
I broke the golden rule and mass emailed everyone in my address book begging for a tix and offering to be there biatch for the day ....still NO LUCK!
Isn't it supposed to be, once, twice, three times lucky?? Errrrrr....

This last week has been hard....yes I admit, I have been suicidal; darn I'm still coming to terms with missing the show and The BIG boxing fight (yes my-so-called MTV friends got VIP tix to that too)!!!

But the show must go on....

So I've spent the entire weekend teetotal, I've slapped some common sense back into myself and finally got a grip on reality again, plus I bought a new pair of Christian Louboutins...

...roll on this week; I'm ready for ya!

Totty x

NB: Loubies are Altadama 100 Calf Reubens -  Please ignore the tipex on the side of the walls, my 3year old cousin decided to try a spot of interior design.


  1. Love the shoes! Ok, I promise not to ask about the condom party any more :)

  2. I gonna ask, Condom Party?!?

    hahaha, this girl is funny.

    Also, what happened to this date with Simoin Cowell?

    I need to know more.


  3. Love your Loubies...gorgeous :-)

    Cheers: Evi

  4. Hey lady!

    Where are you ? Haven't heard in a while, although tbfair i've been MIA myself!

    M x

  5. These shoes are stunning! And if you dont mind me asking, how much?? I want a pair :D